Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My Haiku Poem

WALT: identify syllables
SC: Write a haiku poem about softball

Gearing up to bat
Squint my eyes,taking a breath
I thrash everyone


Sprinting like turbo
Letting the rest eat my dust
Making a home run

Monday, 24 November 2014

How to pick a healthy museli bar

 This here are the results of every bar that is selected. One tick tells us that, that is unhealthy for that reason and for 2 ticks it means that it is healthy and under or over it's limit.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mmm That's tasty activity

  1. There are 5 main flavour receptors. Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Sour and Umami.
List some foods fit each of the flavour receptors.  

  • Coffee
  • bitter gourd
  • Cocoa powder
  • Grapefruit
  • Fries
  • chips
  • Sea water
  • Skittles
  • Lemon
  • Pickles
  • Sour cream
  • Mandarin
  • Lollies
  • Chocolate
  • Cake
  • cupcake
  • Pineapple
Umami (savoury)
  • Pie
  • Sausage roll

Friday, 31 October 2014

Why is it important to have 8 hours sleep? Explanation

Why is it important to get 8 hours of sleep every night?
We need 8 hours of sleep so that we can recover from the previous day. You might feel that your brain and body needs to rest. One of the ways sleep can help you is by growing higher than your height, get fit and feeling fresh for the next day to come. If you're not getting the right hours of sleep it will mean that your health is going low than before. Without sleep it can increase your hunger in the morning and that can be a effect because you're gaining more weight just because you’re not getting 8 hours of sleep. After, 8 hours of sleep you will feel more refreshed and ready for the next day.

How to get more sleep?
You can schedule a time every night to the morning. A know fact is that the time you sleep at is the time you’re likely to wake up at, perhaps sleeping at 8.00 and then you’ll find yourself waking up at 8.00 am. If you’re busy trying to get some sleep after 15-20 minutes get up and do something like listen to music and that will probably make you fall asleep.     

Do dreams come true? And what are the purpose of them?
Every night, every morning or even every evening we might go sleep and wake up from a shocking dream or a wonderful and peaceful dream. Every dream you might have has a purpose for e.g if it was about killing, it would mean that you're eager to kill an enemy. There could be good purposes of dreaming too you can imagine yourself singing on a stage going on tour and singing Beyonce or whoever is popular in mind, those are the dreams that some people might strive to be.

Having 8 hours of sleep is very important it can refresh your body and your attitude the next day to come. Not having 8 hours of sleep can cause you stress,hunger and sleepiness the next morning. You can set a time for yourself to get some rest so that you're ready for tomorrow. Dreams could come true if you work hard on it and be the best person you are.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My healthy shopping Plan

  1. How does the article recommend to follow a healthy pathway when shopping at a grocery store/supermarket?  SHARE
    1. It offers you  lot of information on eating healthy. There’s different ingredients that you can cook and eat listed there in the article. It includes making a healthy shopping list so that you know what to buy when you’re there.
    2. We can buy plenty of fruit and vegetables that are frozen or canned. What does the article suggest are the pros (positives) and cons (negatives) of frozen and canned food? SHARE
  1. Frozen fruits and veggies are delicious. Buying canned food will include checking the labels because some could be sprinkled with more salt and fat into it. The syrup and the juice inside the can makes it sweeter than fresher.
  2. What other helpful healthy advice does this article give for our grocery shopping? SHARE
  1. It encourages us to eat healthy and buy the right ingredients, so that we can be a good role model to the youngsters. It listed different kinds of Meats,grains,eggs and fruits + veggies. It would be a good idea to take a list with you so that you know what to buy when you’re at the supermarket. It’s also not a bad thing to buy yourself a treat with lollies too.

    This here is tips on how to become healthy and ingredients on what healthy meals you can buy.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Athletics~High jump

This sunny morning my class and I did high jump as part of athletics. We started off with the boys jumping first and then the girls. There was a technique of doing it, it was using the scissor legs technique. We began running using the scissor running technique sideways and jumping with the leg that is farthest from the rope. All the girls ran away when it came to their turn and that was wasting time, so the solution was doing 2 laps running around the field without stopping. After we finished all the girls high jumped over the rope and it felt good to finally accomplish jumping over the rope. It was my turn to jump over the rope and I aced it like it was nothing to me, I got up and shouted out “IM TONGAN YO” It felt good to get that out and the highest jump of all was 1.24 metres.  

Friday, 17 October 2014

Fruit or Vegetable (answers)

This written here is information about Sweetcorn and Fruits & Veges. It explains what is a sweetcorn.

  1. What do you think… Is sweetcorn a fruit or a vegetable?
    1. Use the definition of fruit and vege (from the text) and the above diagram to help you decide. Explain your answer  

`A- Sweet corn leaves are not to be eaten. Sweet Corn is a vegetable because it’s seeds is eatable.

  1. Click EDIT and complete this diagram to show which foods fit into which category.
    1. Use all the fruit and vege from the table in the book and any others you can think of

One Bad Banana Activity+Answers

This here is information about keeping your fruit in fruitboxes fresh.

  1. What do you notice about the fruit in our fruit box?  
The smell can sometimes get you and that there is fruit in it.
  1. What could we do to keep our fruit box fruit fresher longer?   

It will become fresher if it is stored in a cool dry place seprate from the other fruits that are packaged.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Holiday Explanation

16.10.14 How I spent my Holidays

School Holidays are 2 weeks with no attendance of school. No schools are open in N.Z i think after 10/11 weeks of school. It is a time to spend more time with families and a time to relax.

During the holidays it was boring because a power cut has occurred for about 1 day and ?hours. With no power meant NO heated food,NO phone charge and worst was having to use candles. I opened the door and looked forward to the hallway, pitch black it was you could see nothing but your own candle.
I spent a lot of time at Mangere where my Aunty and her children lived. I had a heap of fun, we made the most of it there because we haven’t seen each other in months. The first night we were there we had pizza and takeaway chips, I know a lot of junk. We then went home and carried on playing on the ps3.
Another thing was that I spent a lot of time at home playing on my phone or adoring myself in front of the mirror. I’d play the apps on my phone and sometimes take selfies of myself and then delete it because there’s too many. Sometimes I’d take a break, walk to the kitchen and grab something to eat like chips or a packet of biscuits.

We have holidays because Kids need a break from school and for some reason so that Teachers can gain more knowledge to teach us more information.
How we can spend our holidays is explained above. Other things you can do is prepare dinner or meals for your family and do some chores around the house, just to get a little weight off your parents shoulders because they might be tired coming back from work.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Thank you letter

This here is a copy of my thanks to Mr Tamati Parker for coming down to Glenbrae and talking about careers.

Glenbrae School
Room 10
Glen Innes
Auckland 1072

10 September 2014

Dear Mr Tamati

I want to thank you for coming to Glenbrae School giving up precious time from your busy schedule. Learning about how the whole building industry works was interesting.

I learnt that to work as a Quantity Surveyor, you had to be very smart at mathematics and science. Thank you for sharing a bit about your background and how to become a Quantity Surveyor.

Yours sincerely


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thank you letter

This is a copy of my thank you letter to Mrs Tofa because she took time out of her day to talk to rooms 10 and 9 about careers.

Room 10
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Auckland 1072

10 September 2014

Mrs Tofa
Teacher-Room 7
Glenbrae School

Dear Mrs Tofa

Thank you for sharing with us some useful knowledge about a career in teaching. It was interesting when you spoke about how difficult it was for you to leave your Dad behind in Samoa to fulfil his dreams.

To be moving from the island of Samoa to New Zealand to get a good education and succeeding must've been a good feeling. You have inspired us to keep trying hard and to succeed.

Yours sincerely


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Thank you letter

This is a copy of my letter to Constable Andrew saying thank you for taking time to talk to us about careers.

Room 10
Glenbrae School
Auckland 1072

10 September 2014

Constable Andrew,

I would just like to thank you for coming to Room 10, in Glenbrae School to talk with our year 7 and 8 students. It was interesting when you spoke about how difficult it was to become a police officer. I learnt that hard work pays off.

Listening to you talk about how you get paid a lot of money when you are at boot camp was interesting. Also it is interesting that learning, studying and training to be the man you are today was hard. Thank you for sharing things about your personal background and explaining the steps to being a police officer. The important thing I learnt from you was to start choosing a career while we are still young.

Yours sincerely


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Thank you letter

This is a copy of my thank you letter that I wrote to Mrs Dagmar because she took us some time to talk to us about Careers.

Room 10
Auckland 1072

10 September 2014

Mrs Dagmar
Auckland 1072

Dear Mrs Dagmar

I want to thank you for coming to Glenbrae School and sharing your knowledge about art with us. Looking at your traditional pieces of artwork was amazing, I haven’t seen nothing beautiful than your tapa designs.

You have inspired us all to strive hard while were in Intermediate. I mostly enjoyed when you spoke about your background, and speaking about how you weren't that so good at speaking tongan. It was interesting when you spoke about how you first started at being a artist had to start from a low price at selling and the more you paint the more money you get from selling.
Also thank you for inspiring us to be a Art teacher and to do our best.

Yours sincerely


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Thank you letter

Room 10
Glenbrae School
Auckland 1072

12 Friday September 2014

Mr Dunn
Tamaki College
Deputy Principal
Auckland 1072

Dear Mr Dunn

I want to thank you for coming to Glenbrae School with the 4 other ex-students. You have inspired me to talk about enrolling in Tamaki College for schooling, in next year.

Listening to the ex-students talk about how the learning is in Tamaki was amazing, going to Wellington for a science fair and watching how the politics discussed.

Before you even came to Glenbrae School I enrolled in Tamaki and got accepted, I wasn’t sure about going because of the things that I’ve heard but when you came I now am stoked to be going to Tamaki.

Yours sincerely


Friday, 12 September 2014

Thank you letter

This is just a copy of my letter that I have thanked Constable Geoff for coming down to Glenbrae School and talking about Careers with us.

Glenbrae School
Auckland 1072

Friday 12 September 2014

Panmure Communtiy
Police station
Auckland 1072

Dear Constable Geoff,
Malo e lelei my name is Anamanu.

I’m writing to say thank you and for taking your time to come visit our class at Glenbrae School.  

I found it really interesting when you talked about how much effort it takes to be a Police Officer. It must've been hard running all those laps and having to lose all those pounds. I also learned that you get paid a lot of money during boot camp. Thank you for inspiring us all to work harder, while we are still young.

When you were still in Tonga did you go T.C.T? Well if you did there might be a chance that you know my Dad. ;)
I really appreciate you giving your time to inspire us to work hard.

Yours sincerely,


Friday, 22 August 2014

Monday, 11 August 2014

Powhiri opening🍀

Last week on Thursday Len Brown,Nick Smith and his crew came to Glenbrae School for the ceremony (powhiri) of the opening for a new Glenbrae school’s early childhood centre. The media from the maori television on channel 19 took pictures and videos of the Powhiri also, there were some protesters shouting out to Nick Smith that they want their homes back permanently.

It began with a prayer from Matua Jim, then followed by was Afe one of the members of the board of trustees doing a speech. Afterwards Len Brown the mayor of Auckland,New Zealand did a speech and then ending with a song called Te Aroha, well I could say he does have a nice voice for his age. After all the speeches that said during the Powhiri we all went to the front of the school and dug the first hole of making the new early childhood centre.

It would have been perfect but the protesters outside the school gate were really disturbing and loud. The whole Powhiri finished off with a prayer outside and everybody were filled with joy in their hearts, because their younger siblings can go to Glenbrae School now.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

#2 Tae Kwon Do ☯

Wow! Ever wanted how to learnt to defend yourself in serious situations. Today my class and I learnt new skills of Tae Kwon Do. First we learnt how to punch but with a little bit of force, by bending your left leg while punching. We did that for a few times and then we moved onto kicking. This type of kick was a Jump kick, it was twisting our leg and kicking at the same time like turning and kicking. After, we learnt how to jump to the sky and punch 2 times towards the punching bag.

At the end we played a short game with using a rope and a punching pad. We all went into a little circle and the person in the middle spun around the punching pad below our legs or otherwise higher where our heads are so that we duck down to protect ourselves. It was a fun game and it was cool playing it.But at the end we learnt more and probably learn more when our next session comes next Tuesday.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Hoilday Recount ^.^

During the school holidays my family and I went to Tonga to attend our Family Aholelei Reunion that happens every 2 years. When I got there It was steaming hot. If you just sit there doing nothing, sweat will be running down your whole face.
Our reunion runs for a whole week. On Wednesday it was a day to celebrate all the Nana’s that are part of the reunion’s birthdays.

All the young children performed an item or a dance to celebrate their birthday’s. Next it was time for me, my item I performed a Tongan dance taught by a good friend. The name of the song I was danced to is Fisí To Toa 2 verses and a chorus. It was a nice fast and simple dance to do. It was good to be performing in front of the whole family because I’ve never done this in years since I was little. And so the day ended with a little surprise with a fruit cake eaten by the whole family.

When It was time to leave tears were running down everybody's faces. It was sad to watch saying goodbye because everybody got along. When we returned back Aotearoa it was freezing cold. I mean going outside was colder, letting the cold breeze go pass you;( it was really cold. The weather here was way different to Tonga. I can’t wait for the next reunion.

卐 Taekwon Do Lesson .1

Yesterday morning room 10 met a Taekwon Do instructor called Yu. We first had begin with taking off our shoes so that we don’t fall over. We learnt these moves so that we can use it for self defence, whenever were in trouble.

We began with learning how to punch,differently but with a little bit of force into punching.Our fingers were tighten up into a tight ball with our thumb closing it at the outside.After, she taught us that we moved onto walking forward and changing our hand movements while we punch. We then learnt how to kick. When, we kick we kick with our heel not with our toes, but with our heal going forward into kicking.

At the end we all finished off by playing a game of tag. Whenever you get tagged you have to stand like a banana with our hands pointing up to the sky and wait for someone to put your hands down called the banana split. In between the lessons Yu talked about the history  of Taekwon Do. It was fascinating learning about it, actually Taekwon Do is best known for their fast,strong kicks.We really enjoyed our first lesson with Instructor Yu.  

Museum Reflection

The senior classes of Glenbrae School were learning about Natural Disasters at the Auckland Museum. The thing I found the most interesting was the type of ways how a volcano can explode. They can explode many different types of rocks. Something I learned was that volcanoes are everywhere, and to be specific there are 55 volcanoes in Auckland. Mount Wellington is known as the most visited mountain in Glen Innes. I’m lucky because I could see Mount Wellington from my house.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Hangarau - Technology

On Fridays our class go to Tamaki college to learn digital Technologies. Hangarau is the maori word for technology.When we are in class, we have to use the Kiore and the Papa patuhi to log into the Rorohiko. On the rorohiko we have to use the ipurangi to log into the pae tukutuku for digital technologies. Every week we access the maramataka to know what task we have to do. Sometimes our teacher will send us messages to our imera. Sometimes our teacher will send us dojo points from her Waea Pukoro, or she might also use her waea pukoro to take photos of us working. At school or at home some of us use our rorohiko ponaho to do our work.

Nga Kupu hou-New words

  • rorohiko-computer
  • rorohiko ponaho-netbook/laptop
  • kiore-mouse
  • waea pukoro-cellphone
  • ipurangi-internet
  • imera-email
  • maramataka-calendar
  • papa patuhi-keyboard
  • pae tukutuku -web sites