Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Friday, 23 November 2012

Bio Poem

LI: We are learning  to write a Bio Poem.

Nicki Minaj
Professional rapper,cool,wild,crazy
sibling of  2 brothers and 1 sister and 1 half brother
Lover of Hip Hop Lil Wayne and Rapping
Who feels needs to explore the world
Needs to stop her father doing DRUGS
Who freely shares nice songs
Needs to do respective songwriting
Who wears crazy clothing
Fears of being on American Idol
Would like to see her fans on her concert
Resident in California
Family name is Maraj

Monday, 12 November 2012

My Family Funeral

LI:To write a detailed description.
SC:It must include powerful adjectives, similes and onomatopoeic.

On Friday It was time to Barry Tevita Kin Kinlau my Uncle at Manakau cemetery.It was a sad evening to attend to.The Priest prepared a nice speech for farewell.The dead face was as a cold s a stone cold freezer.My Dad was the first person to throw a flower to the coffin because he was the fahu.It was a silent moment except the lady's were singing a hearted song.Everybody grabs a flower and drops it in the coffin after the priest.After barring the body the family went and brought yummy food for the family for there lost.After they  gathered the food in the Kitchen they had a meeting together in a huge tent.When it was becoming night time we went home and cut this huge pig into pieces to share around the family.It was a sad day.

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Duffy Show

LI:We are learning to include Similes and Metaphors.

On Tuesday Morning it was pouring with rain while we were walking to Tamaki College for a Duffy Show. Glenbrae School couldn't have there Duffy Show at there school since the hall is having to be re-built to build a new roof. When we got to Tamaki College we got seated and enjoyed the entertainment. The 3 Duffy members introduced themselves with there names James,Anna and Louie. They carried on with doing a show. There was Scruffy,Duffy and The Best Book In The Whole World. Scruffy was very jealous of Duffy because he was spending more time with The Best Book In The World. Scruffy was thinking of ways to make Duffy play with Piri Wepu and himself play rugby. At the end Duffy asked Scruffy if he want to read the Book with him.Scruffy and Duffy read the book to the end and stayed happy. When the show was over it was time to ask some questions. Afterwards we walked back to school in the sunny evening back to school. 

Monday, 29 October 2012

The Creepy Shed

One Frighting Night Billy got asked to go sleep in the Creepy Shed for colouring on the walls.The  Shed is filled of crawling black Beetles,red hot ants and also disgusting fly.Once Billy went to sleep he can hear the scratching noises coming from the roof.He already knew that it was the long nails Click Click Slide.When Billy went and opened the door it was locked.He got scratched marks on his face with blood running down his cold blooded face.When the bright yellow sun rises up Billy's Mum came to the shed and checked up on Billy.Mum calls the ambulance for help she's really frightened.When The ambulance arrives and the police cars they go to Mum and ask her some questions.A month later Mum was sent to prison for locking his son and letting her son trapped with a Monster.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Basket ball Lessons

On Tuesday Morning My class had Basket Ball Lessons with Coach Bruce.When we Began we started off with ground rules, the first rule that he mentioned was "RESPECT ".Once he was finished talking we split in to teams of 5.We practised dribbling the ball and doing the figure 8 with the ball between our legs.I suddenly imagined what it might have felt like for the gymnasts in a show. My knees wobbled like jelly. My palms got sweaty which was very disgusting.What ever team would win, they would watch the others do 10 push ups.When Coach Bruce blew his whistle we zoomed with fast legs to the cone and sprinted back some of us was fast as a cheetah.When Coach Bruce blew the whistle the match was over.When he announced the winners team, our team wasn't fast enough to beat Daddy long legs team. It was a good opurtunity for some of us to get fit.

Monday, 24 September 2012

The Maori Drill

When we got to the Museum we went to the Wharenui.In this photo my group and I are testing an ancient tool that the Maori People built.They used it to start fires instead of lighters.The fire provides light,food and heat.This tool is made of wood and a strong piece of string. It took a while for me to spin the drill and let it twirl and twirl until it worked.

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is a huge landmark that is a frequently visited by people from all over the world. It is a place where Aotearoa’s history and culture is stored in different forms.

The Auckland Museum is similar looking to the American White House. It has three levels up and down. It looks very expensive and it was built in 1929. The Auckland Museum is located in the Auckland Domain. It is near to the Auckland Hospital.
This Museum provides opportunities to people to visit the  Aotearoa Maori Galleries and experience things in the Museum. It is to show public visitors interesting materials like the wakas that were built in the old days. People from all over  New Zealand visit the Auckland Museum. School students also  visit the Museum while on school trips to learn about Maori culture and customs.
The Auckland Museum is a very interesting place to visit. Visitors can see the Maori Galleries and learn about Greenstone. Also legends about when it was discovered in New Zealand by a man chasing a giant squid.

This museum is an exciting place to visit and spend time at if visitors want to learn about Aotearoa and its people.

Image Source: Wikidpedia

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How Did The Kiwi Lose His Wings

In the ancient years Tanemahuta took his children to the forest for a little treat.Tanemahuta could see the itchy bites on his children.Small bugs were eating them.Tanemahuta talked to his brother, Tanehokahoka, about what happened to his children.The next day Tanemahuta asked  the birds to come down to the forest floor for a meeting..

All were silent when Tanemahuta asked if they could  leave the roof top and come and live on the forest floor to protect Tanemahuta’s children. The Tui said that he could not because he was scared of the darkness on the forest floor. The Pukeko did not want to get his feet wet, since the forest floor was too damp. The Pipiwharauroa was busy building his nest so she could not go.

The Kiwi agreed to live on the forest floor. It was very dark and damp down there and before the Kiwi  lived on the floor, Tanemahuta warned the Kiwi that he would loose his beautiful wings and cool feathers and he would never be able to live on the roof top ever again in his life.

Tui was  punished. He had to wear two white feathers at his throat as a sign of his cowardice. Poor Pukeko lived in the dark swamp by himself. Pipiwharauroa was banned from making a nest for his children  because he wasn’t brave enough to live on the forest floor..From then on she had to lay her eggs in other birds nests. As for the brave Kiwi, he is known as the most loved bird on earth.

Friday, 4 May 2012

A day at Tamaki College

On Wednesday 2 of May Room 10,9 and my class room 7 from Glenbrae walked to Tamaki College to help some students over there complete their teaching skills about sports.When we got there we got split up into 7 groups to play fun and exciting games with them.My group played :Don't touch the line and a fun game called: Octopus.We had to use our good listening skills and our shooting skills to play Basket ball at the end.It was fun to play as a team.

Family Treasures

Today I am writing about family treasures that belongs to my classmates.Family treasures is something special in your family.Our assignment was to bring a photo of the treasure to school, and then take a photocopy of it and take the actual photo to where it belongs to.This task was part of our learning this term.We had to find out what is the meaning of our name and who you were named after. My name means gracious, and I was named after my Aunty in Australia, she makes graduation hats for a living.And we love her very much too.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Farewell Forever

Tears filled my eyes and slowly trickled down my face and everything become a blur. When I felt her cold shivering face I felt so sad.We would never communicate with each other, that was devastating.

My family and I were visiting the classy Tonga.My Aunty there had a problem with her red heart.We went by an airplane on July the 11th.We just went to visit our family,and if aunty was super alright.When we came back from tonga to New Zealand she had passed away.I felt devastated with the tragic news and thought my heart was breaking.Aunty Mehi was as beautiful as a purple butterfly.She would always admire me and my brothers all the time.She had nice beutiful black hair.

It was a total struggle for my dad because he always sleeps in.My mum only stayed at Tonga for a week.When she got the heart attack she started to be skinny and her mum hated it.But after all my mum came back from Tonga and Aunty Mehi is rested in piece.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Wow! On Monday 13th of February last week.Mrs Holdernes spoke about planting seeds.And now this term Glenbrae School are focusing  on seeds.Our seeds were called mustard seeds.Its good with making salads.Once the mustard seeds are ready my class and I could make a delicious salad delicious.Stay healthy people out there !

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The feed of my life !

Monday March 2012 19

LI:To write a personal recount

When I woke up I could smell the delicious,mouth watering pig roasting on a stick. It was as rainy as how the rain forest would rumble for food. I heard this distracting noise outside the back door. All the sudden it was my Grandpa scraping this long piece of wood to hold the pig while it cooked. Each family gets one table to put the food on to eat with the rest of the family.We would be going to Mangere early because the feed is starting at 6.00.  

In the morning I had some delicious jelly lollies, I ate some and all of a sudden my dog jumped on me and bit into one and ran away to eat it. She is a very greedy dog but we still love her. We already listed some names but we have to be very careful of the Animal Control, because they might take them away. It would be sad to see that.We have kept our dog coco for 9 months by now.My dog’s tail is as hard as a metal hook.

Monday, 19 March 2012

The King Of Tonga ! (Shocking News)

                             SHOCKING NEWS  !!!!!!
The King of TONGA HAD PAST AWAY !!!!!!
The last time I saw his kingdom was last year around July.I saw some men standing very still like a statue surrounding the king.There were long Grass around the kingdom.When I saw Tupou (the king of Tonga) on the news I didn't know the reason why he was on the news.But when my grandpa heard someone on the Tongan radio talking he heard Tupou had past away.He was very shocked about the news,and he told me about his royalty and his kindness to the people.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Going to church !!!!!!!!!

Hi People out there.This post is about people who are non people who go to church.I got to a Mormon church at Panmure.I received a blessing from god and a new lovely life.Our only living prophet  is Thomas.S.Monson.WE start at 1.00 clock in the afternoon and we finish at 4.00 clock in the afternoon.So we stay at church for 1,2,3,4 hours learning about the good part of me.So I encourage people to go to church every Sunday. God bless you all !

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What I learnt about plants !

Know:What I want to know:Learnt:
I knew that soil helps our plants grow.Why is there  3 different kind of type of soil ?Clay is very bad to plant with.
Leaves can be different kind of colours.Why is there heaps of leaves in the forest ?Leaves do not grow well in the shade.
I knew that the female name for the flowers are pistil.How do flowers grow in water?I learnt that the male part of the flower has 4 parts.
I knew that seeds can be anywhere.
Which is the biggest seed?The Largest seed is

Monday, 12 March 2012

Diary !!!!!!!!

The Leaves were twirling ans spinning like talented dancers as I walked along the grey,wet pathway......... 
When I arrived at school I heard noises in the hall,well that was a good start of my day NOT.I walked up at the step hill(going up) entering the class room and I say,'Good Morning Mrs George she gave me a great big smile when I said 'Good Morning to her'.So I went over to my desk and placed my bag under my desk. 

At about 9.10 am my class and I lined up for assembly.First we talked about the world champion Valerie representing New Zealand.Valerie got defeated from Nadzeya Astapchuk.So Nadzeya Astapchuk is now the world champion of the world.I hope you enjoyed my day. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Facts about Flowers

  • A dandelion is a wind pollination,How because it can fly away in the wind and its because its light. 

  • A Female flower is called Pistil and the male is the stamen.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Art master piece

Wow when I looked at my art I spoke to myself This is worth 2 billion dollars.When I showed my class mates they just starred at my art.My friend Gemima said "Hey are those jelly beans falling from the skies".But I said it was a colorful sun.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Celery Surprise Reflection

Celery Surprise Reflection:
When the celery went into the food colouring it had little blue dots.We found a little bit of blue coloured vessels.It smelt stink and yucky.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Yummy Churros

Have you tasted these tasty yummy and delicious Churros?Well I have and you should TOO.They sell them at the Saturday night market at Pakuranga and also at Otara.My Family and I sometimes have it for dinner since it's so yummy.This type of dish is a Mexican dish.I hope you go and taste some for dinner.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My new teacher Mrs George

My new teacher for 2012 is Mrs George. My teacher likes to uncover new things that no body has uncovered. She is a creative, fun teacher to have. Room seven is a very lucky class to have Mrs George. She is very good at making up dances too.This Friday is our turn to present our class assembly.Our assembly is going to be nice and groovy.