Friday, 30 August 2013

Final Collage

Today in ICT my class and I made a collage of images full of our passions. A lot of people were struggling through the lesson but we eventually made it to the end. It was a lot of fun to do and hope to do it again.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Design Examples

Today at ITC at Technology we saved some collage of images and wrote the positives,negative and how to target the audience to look at the collage of images. We completed 4 examples and posted 2. It was very easy to do and hope to do it again to become a pro at doing it.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

♚ Softball Session

Today Room 10 and I had an softball session with 2 couches from the Auckland Sport. We began with a warm up game Octopus across the court. 2 taggers in the middle trying to tag the classmates that are at the side line of the court. After a while we got into 2 lines and with a partner also with a glove warming our shivering hands from this cold weather. We did some basic skills like throwing the ball and rolling it to the other. Then came along a competition, we had to throw the ball but if we caught it we take a step back then before. My partner and I were eliminated because I didn’t throw properly so we ended up at the corner of the court. Afterwards we watched the 3 teams that went through finish to win.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Squash recount

Last week Room 10 were lucky enough to have a Sport called Squash. We had from Tuesday and Friday. We had to members from the Auckland Sport and they were named Tristan and Ricardo. We began with simple ball skill and passed it around the mini circle. Afterwards we got to challenge some classmates from our class. Our classmates tried to break the high score the was 42 but I know that I didn’t. Then we moved to the other circuit, challenging the expert Tristan and try to take her out of the rally. I obviously didn't beat her that’s for sure because I suck at Squash. So later on that week we did more challenges and basic skills and learnt a lot. It was an enthusiastic sport to play and had to move around the court a lot. It was very hot inside the school hall because of all the running that has been inside the hall.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Squash Lesson

Today Room 10 and I had an playful morning have a sport that we've never heard before Squash. We always begin with a warm up playing with another partner. It starts off by hitting the ball on the ground once and smash it to the wall in front of you. You can trick you opponent by hitting the ball from the side wall then hitting it to the wall in front . It's basically a easy game as long that you don't hit the ball above and over the 3 lines. At the end of versing students from my class I eventually made it to the grand finals, and I honestly lost my match. Anyways next time I would try harder.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

✺My Reading Work

This is my reading work and I have finished all task from last week. Enjoy looking at my work.

1.What could the great Alfonso pull from his hat?
Birds,rabbits,carpet snakes and a Siamese cat
2.What did he do to the lady?
Alfonso sawed her into bits
3.What did Alfonso forget to say?
Comprehension Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   4.    What do you think is the main idea of the poem? Explain your answer.
It is about Bertie Garbor Magic tricks and about the lady that got sawed in bits         
   5.    What is the new trick the magician is training to do?
A goat trying to float
 6.    Does Alfonso use complicated tricks or words in his show any more?
          Explain your answer.
Not any more because of his failed tricks he did.
Application Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   7.   Do you think the information in this poem would be useful if you wished to become a
         magician? Explain your answer.   
No, because i think this poem is a made up stories and made up stories aren’t true.
   8.   What question would you ask Bertie?
     Why did you saw the lady in bits
Thinking beyond: Learn, Create, Share
Analysis:  Can you think of a possible problem with teaching a goat to float? Explain your answer.
I would tie a rope on the goat and lift the goat from a helicopter

Abracadabra Poem

Today I have finished one of my reading task called "ABRACADABRA". It is a poem and this term were learning about poems and how to write them too. In the poem Bertie the magician saw a lady in to bits and I had to solve his problem if it is ever possible. Below this writing is the solution.

-Can you think of a solution to Bertie’s problems?
I would get the cello tape and tape the ladies body parts together and say “ABRACADABRA”

Monday, 5 August 2013

My Magic Trick

-Last week all student from Room 10 had to think of a magic trick and publish it on our own blog. Under here is my magical magic trick hope you enjoy cutting a lady in half.

Hands on: Research about magic tricks. Learn one and practice it until you are confident enough to perform in front of the class / assembly. With your friends, organise a magic show for your assembly.
Draw a pretty lady on a halved piece of paper. Second grab pair scissors and cut her in half. I bet you're wondering how the lady will be in her normal body shape, all is left to do is cello tape her back. ABRACADABRA

MY Holiday Recount

Wow! Last week Saturday My family and I rode off to Lollipop Play land. My Family and I were celebrating my 12th birthday and enjoying the time at Lollipop Play land. We were all filled with excitement and couldn't wait for the huge, bouncy slide. When we got there we jumped out the vehicle and walked to the entrance.

We all looked everywhere to see what obstacles that were provided. I zoomed to the bouncy slide and quickly ran to the frog piano. The piano was making frog noises when you step on them. There was a corner that had animal costumes. I was dressed as a Lion and doing a pose in front of the camera. We really enjoyed playing on the different and playful things that were there. Afterwards we were puffing out air and began to be exhausted.

Lollipop playland was a great place where to spend my birthday. I had a lot of fun there sliding down the cool slide. I wish to go there another time and have a lot of fun and sweat in my clothes.

Softball lesson

At the beginning of a new term we had a softball session with 3 expert coaches. Three Auckland softball sport ladies came to  .We began with a warm up game called “Traffic Lights”. Red light is stop, orange light you walk and the green light is when you try and sprint to the finish line, which is the end of the court. We were all getting ready until we heard purple and half of the students ran to the end of the court when It wasn't part of any of the colors. We slowly started until the lady shouted out “ GREEN ” and all girls and boys sprinted to the end of the court.

Afterwards we began with a challenge that we get a partner and try to not drop the ball while we're throwing it to each other and the most number of throws wins. My partner and I were hearing the numbers going higher and higher so we played hard to win the game. My Partner accidently dropped the ball and we had to go sit out. So that was what we did for our Softball session on Tuesday.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Using Photoshop

Today I learnt how to use Photo shop and make a digital version of myself on the computer by puting in the outlines of myself and the accessories that are on me. We kept on making mistakes but we aslo still went through it without stopping. We made 3 layers just in case we did a huge mistake on the layer we are using. Although I didn't finish I'll keep on editing my work.