Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Athletics~High jump

This sunny morning my class and I did high jump as part of athletics. We started off with the boys jumping first and then the girls. There was a technique of doing it, it was using the scissor legs technique. We began running using the scissor running technique sideways and jumping with the leg that is farthest from the rope. All the girls ran away when it came to their turn and that was wasting time, so the solution was doing 2 laps running around the field without stopping. After we finished all the girls high jumped over the rope and it felt good to finally accomplish jumping over the rope. It was my turn to jump over the rope and I aced it like it was nothing to me, I got up and shouted out “IM TONGAN YO” It felt good to get that out and the highest jump of all was 1.24 metres.  

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