Friday, 4 May 2012

A day at Tamaki College

On Wednesday 2 of May Room 10,9 and my class room 7 from Glenbrae walked to Tamaki College to help some students over there complete their teaching skills about sports.When we got there we got split up into 7 groups to play fun and exciting games with them.My group played :Don't touch the line and a fun game called: Octopus.We had to use our good listening skills and our shooting skills to play Basket ball at the end.It was fun to play as a team.

Family Treasures

Today I am writing about family treasures that belongs to my classmates.Family treasures is something special in your family.Our assignment was to bring a photo of the treasure to school, and then take a photocopy of it and take the actual photo to where it belongs to.This task was part of our learning this term.We had to find out what is the meaning of our name and who you were named after. My name means gracious, and I was named after my Aunty in Australia, she makes graduation hats for a living.And we love her very much too.