Thursday, 16 October 2014

Holiday Explanation

16.10.14 How I spent my Holidays

School Holidays are 2 weeks with no attendance of school. No schools are open in N.Z i think after 10/11 weeks of school. It is a time to spend more time with families and a time to relax.

During the holidays it was boring because a power cut has occurred for about 1 day and ?hours. With no power meant NO heated food,NO phone charge and worst was having to use candles. I opened the door and looked forward to the hallway, pitch black it was you could see nothing but your own candle.
I spent a lot of time at Mangere where my Aunty and her children lived. I had a heap of fun, we made the most of it there because we haven’t seen each other in months. The first night we were there we had pizza and takeaway chips, I know a lot of junk. We then went home and carried on playing on the ps3.
Another thing was that I spent a lot of time at home playing on my phone or adoring myself in front of the mirror. I’d play the apps on my phone and sometimes take selfies of myself and then delete it because there’s too many. Sometimes I’d take a break, walk to the kitchen and grab something to eat like chips or a packet of biscuits.

We have holidays because Kids need a break from school and for some reason so that Teachers can gain more knowledge to teach us more information.
How we can spend our holidays is explained above. Other things you can do is prepare dinner or meals for your family and do some chores around the house, just to get a little weight off your parents shoulders because they might be tired coming back from work.

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