Thursday, 24 October 2013

House Sports

On Monday we had House Sports. Student’s get divided into 4 colours. It’s Rata,Nikau,Kowhai then finally the Kauri team like the tree. I’m in Nikau the blue team our activity was relay racing on the field. We all warmed up with a relay each then got into the real game. When it was the end of the game Rata won so that’s bad news for the Nikau team because we lost.

Dance Fever

Today my class and I had another session of Dance Fever and it was a lot of fun. We began with the old moves from last week and continued on with the cha-cha. There were only a few moves to finish of with the hip hop dance then go onto the cha-cha. We started with some footsteps then finished. Some of the new moves we learnt was hard but I’ll still get through it. I can’t wait for next week learn some cha-cha.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Narrative Writing

During the school holiday’s Sophia and her family moved to a new house, further down the road from school. When Sophia was helping her parent’s move out some stuff out to the truck, she could see a hoodie at the corner of her eye watching her take some boxes. It was kinda scary having a guy stalking you when they think we don’t know. “Sophia pack 1 more box then you can go sleep over the new house while me and Dad finish off some boxes and furniture” said Mum. “Okay Mum see you in the morning bye” replied Sophia. Soon Sophia arrived at home and went to her bedroom and had a snooze. She could feel a pointy,sharp pocket knife pointing at her nose. “GET UP and follow me down stairs” shouted the man in the hoodie. Sophia got up and followed the dude which was Jacob to his house hidden in the woods with other people living there. I was terrified I was scared that they might kill me on a early age 15, I thought to my mind.

We walked in and seeing the kind of people there, they actually look like criminals that escaped out from prison. Jacob lead me to a dirty,old and dusty room upstairs, I kept on trying to climb out the window but every second I hear footsteps walking pass the room. It was hopeless going out the window. Next morning Sophia was hoping to go home safely to her parent’s. Jacob took her downstairs and showed her around the kitchen and right be side the kitchen oven was the door to freedom. Sophia took a run for it while Jacob bent down to tie his shoe lace. “YAY now I gotta find my way back home” said Sophia. When Sophia saw her Mum’s car parked at the drive way she ran her fastest and ran to her mother.

Sophia called the police and in a fast voice she said “Hello I need you to arrest these kidnappers hidden at the woods NOW”. The police zooming to my house was a good feeling and the police siron was REALLY LOUD I could hear it from a distance. The police team raced to the hidden house and arrested the kidnappers 1 by 1. “It’s a good feeling that Jacob and his friends are now arrested” said Sophia. Sophia and her family lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Inquiry Presentation

Dance Fever

Last Tuesday my class and I had an exciting program running at our school called “Dance Fever”. Dance Fever is a studio that teaches kids at school how to boogie. (dance) After we learn all 3 dances we go and compete with other schools with our dance moves. Our instructor’s names are Captain and Christina. We began with some basic skills just to warm up. Afterwards we started to dance and it was very fun. I was really tired after dancing so then we had a Boy’s vs Girl’s challenge. Each team had to do whatever moves the leader is doing. It looked like the boy’s were going to win because they were the only people that were dancing. Once we knew it the boy’s won the challenge.

Pumping Pedals

                                                               “ Pumping Pedals” by Maggie Lilleby

1. Recall
Give a brief summary of the story.
This story is about Sally competing in BMX bike competition. She’s only versed boy’s in the competition because no other girl wants to join in the club.

2. Infer
What kind of a person is Sally Davies? Tell why you think this.
She would do anything to compete in BMX races and I know why because BMX racing is her main lover sport.

3. Evaluate
Explain why you think the author entitled the story as “Pumping Pedals”
They called it this because there’s a lot of pedaling in this story.

4. Think about it
Why do you think Sally would like to attract more girls to the sport of BMX racing?
Because Sally is the only girl the races in the BMX racing course and maybe she doesn't want to verse on boys anymore.

5. Recall
How are the bikes designed and what are they made of?
They are made out of things that are meant for bikes.

6. Think about it.
Why did Sally groan as she remembered her first racing bike?
Cause she didn’t know how hard you have to work to achieve BMXing.

7. Please explain the racing technique called “pumping” and why it might be important?

8. Do you think BMX racing is a dangerous sport. Tell why or why not you think this.
No because before you get on the bike you put on the safety helmets and clothing on too.

9. Synthesize
Please tell what you liked most about the story and why or why not you would like to be a BMX racer.
I like BMX because you have fun and it can be exercise for your calf muscles. You will also have so much fun and meet new friends.