Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Hoilday Recount ^.^

During the school holidays my family and I went to Tonga to attend our Family Aholelei Reunion that happens every 2 years. When I got there It was steaming hot. If you just sit there doing nothing, sweat will be running down your whole face.
Our reunion runs for a whole week. On Wednesday it was a day to celebrate all the Nana’s that are part of the reunion’s birthdays.

All the young children performed an item or a dance to celebrate their birthday’s. Next it was time for me, my item I performed a Tongan dance taught by a good friend. The name of the song I was danced to is Fisí To Toa 2 verses and a chorus. It was a nice fast and simple dance to do. It was good to be performing in front of the whole family because I’ve never done this in years since I was little. And so the day ended with a little surprise with a fruit cake eaten by the whole family.

When It was time to leave tears were running down everybody's faces. It was sad to watch saying goodbye because everybody got along. When we returned back Aotearoa it was freezing cold. I mean going outside was colder, letting the cold breeze go pass you;( it was really cold. The weather here was way different to Tonga. I can’t wait for the next reunion.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about your family reunion to Tonga Anamanu, I've been there once before in the month of November, it was hot then too! It must have been kind of nice change from the cold winter here. I'm glad that you enjoyed your family time. I would love to see your dance sometime too!
    Mrs Parker.