Friday, 22 August 2014

Monday, 11 August 2014

Powhiri openingšŸ€

Last week on Thursday Len Brown,Nick Smith and his crew came to Glenbrae School for the ceremony (powhiri) of the opening for a new Glenbrae school’s early childhood centre. The media from the maori television on channel 19 took pictures and videos of the Powhiri also, there were some protesters shouting out to Nick Smith that they want their homes back permanently.

It began with a prayer from Matua Jim, then followed by was Afe one of the members of the board of trustees doing a speech. Afterwards Len Brown the mayor of Auckland,New Zealand did a speech and then ending with a song called Te Aroha, well I could say he does have a nice voice for his age. After all the speeches that said during the Powhiri we all went to the front of the school and dug the first hole of making the new early childhood centre.

It would have been perfect but the protesters outside the school gate were really disturbing and loud. The whole Powhiri finished off with a prayer outside and everybody were filled with joy in their hearts, because their younger siblings can go to Glenbrae School now.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

#2 Tae Kwon Do ☯

Wow! Ever wanted how to learnt to defend yourself in serious situations. Today my class and I learnt new skills of Tae Kwon Do. First we learnt how to punch but with a little bit of force, by bending your left leg while punching. We did that for a few times and then we moved onto kicking. This type of kick was a Jump kick, it was twisting our leg and kicking at the same time like turning and kicking. After, we learnt how to jump to the sky and punch 2 times towards the punching bag.

At the end we played a short game with using a rope and a punching pad. We all went into a little circle and the person in the middle spun around the punching pad below our legs or otherwise higher where our heads are so that we duck down to protect ourselves. It was a fun game and it was cool playing it.But at the end we learnt more and probably learn more when our next session comes next Tuesday.