Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?
-My netbook has really helped me a lot to do with writing about recounts, maths on Maths whizz and on reading I use Sunshine Online. It has helped me improve in my learning in many ways that could be possible that will help me learn. Being online is better than offline because there’s hardly anything to do offline.

I’ve learnt that she prepares everything on time and make sure that we finish it.

I’ve learnt how to go on useful websites that contains my learning in it.

I have learnt how to blog presentations on my blog but that was what I learnt from a friend.

I have learnt how to download things that were not allowed to say so yeah.I just download games in my free time from chrome which is free.

I have sent my friends some links to some learning websites that can help them learn some useful facts.

Having a netbook is like exploring the whole world by learning their culture recipes, except you're exploring from a digital screen instead of going to the place where your looking at.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

✝Dance Fever✝

This morning at school we had another session of Dance Fever. We sort of began late about 10 past 9 it was alright I mean I didn’t mind. When we got there to the hall we straight away got with our partners and began with our foxtrot. We went over it again just to see is we still remembered it from last week. This morning was pouring rain maybe that’s why our instructor’s came late or maybe there was traffic that’s something I need to find out.

After learning the Foxtrot we began with our chacha it was easy but the one thing that the teachers complained about was the lack of how we're dancing. So after that we straightened our arms and our neck also our legs not long ago we were perfect. After that we were straight into the hip hop dance because they thought we already knew all the moves. Afterwards we had a little fun and did the gangnam dance.It was like very fun everyone was pumping everywhere with there own weird moves. Later the class next already arrived and so that was the last of Dance Fever.