Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My healthy shopping Plan

  1. How does the article recommend to follow a healthy pathway when shopping at a grocery store/supermarket?  SHARE
    1. It offers you  lot of information on eating healthy. There’s different ingredients that you can cook and eat listed there in the article. It includes making a healthy shopping list so that you know what to buy when you’re there.
    2. We can buy plenty of fruit and vegetables that are frozen or canned. What does the article suggest are the pros (positives) and cons (negatives) of frozen and canned food? SHARE
  1. Frozen fruits and veggies are delicious. Buying canned food will include checking the labels because some could be sprinkled with more salt and fat into it. The syrup and the juice inside the can makes it sweeter than fresher.
  2. What other helpful healthy advice does this article give for our grocery shopping? SHARE
  1. It encourages us to eat healthy and buy the right ingredients, so that we can be a good role model to the youngsters. It listed different kinds of Meats,grains,eggs and fruits + veggies. It would be a good idea to take a list with you so that you know what to buy when you’re at the supermarket. It’s also not a bad thing to buy yourself a treat with lollies too.

    This here is tips on how to become healthy and ingredients on what healthy meals you can buy.

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