Thursday, 24 November 2011


Yummy and Delicous
Chocolate,Strawberry vanila
I love Ice-Cream


excited and proud
loud cheering supportive
the crowd goes wild

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Math Magican

Today I went to Maths Magician or as I like to say''My super duper hero'' because I know my Division facts number 5 now.I answered over my time because my teacher says I have to try to answer each question in 3 seconds,and that makes 30.It's a wonderful learning experience here is the website:Oswego City School District Math Games

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Enourmous Flood

In the West Coast there is a Strong flood.It wasn't bigger since 1997.This time it's 6.8 metres last night.Helicopters have been flying through the air searching for people who are in series trouble.A Lady and her baby had been rescued from the helicopter and also a 70 year old Farmer had been rescued.Since the flood had happened roads are closed and the power had been going down.

My sleepy Cat

I blowed the whistle                                         
and my cat was asleep
Coco was barking
and my cat was asleep
I came back from Tonga
and my cat was asleep
I played music louldy
and my cat was asleep
The Animal control came to take my dog
and my cat was asleep
I cracked EGGS on my cats face
and he woke up

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Math Magican

Today I went on Maths Magician.I clicked on division.I scored 100%.This is a good website because you can learn  your addition,subtraction,division and multiplication basic facts.It is a good experience to go on and test your self to see what level you're up to.The website is:Oswego City School District Math Games.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Dog Coco

Malo e lelei. This is my dog, Coco.She is a girl and she is 4 months old. Sometimes she's a bad girl because she crosses the road when we're sleeping,but in the morning she comes back. Since we came back from Tonga she's got a bit fat and now we can't lift her up. Whenever we open the back door, she runs into my dad's room and licks him on the face when he's sleeping. I hope you like my post.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Math Magican

Today I went on Math Magician.I clicked on the subtraction and minus 9.I got a 100 per cent in 30 seconds.I answered each question in 3 seconds.I hope you like my post.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fireworks Day

Wow!!! It's Fireworks day! My Family and I went to Mission Bay to see the fireworks.When we got there there was no fireworks because once the people are finished they just leave there fireworks there.Mission Bay was almost surrounded by Police well almost.

I meet a girl there and she asked me if my brothers and I wanted to play tiggy with her.When we started to get puffed out we stopped playing because we were sweating.

My mum yelled my name because she wanted to go back home because It was getting dark.When we got back home, we had a little snack and went to sleep.

My trip to Clip'n Climb

Have you been to Clip'n climb? Clip'n climb is a place where you can do extreme rock climbing.There is a green rock climbing that looks similar to stairs that goes 20 feet high I think.Clip'n climb is in Domoin road close to potters park.My Family and I got free tickets to enter the extreme rock climbing.

I picked the green wobbly stairs first because it looked easy to me,but when I got the second to last I started paniking.I couldn't make a choice my first one was to: jump down or carry on.I carried on because I wanted my mum to take a photo of me winning the trophy of the highst in the whole world I wish.So I steped on the last step and I won the trophy.

When it came to the end I went to this blue rock climbing I think it was named Ice Moutain.And next to it was a green one that actually looks like the same to Ice Moutain.My Brother went on the green one he asked me if I wanted a race with him climbing to the top.I gave him a head start because I thought he would lose but when he came first place.That's what I did in the Holidays.I hope you enjoyed my Recount.