Wednesday, 30 July 2014

卐 Taekwon Do Lesson .1

Yesterday morning room 10 met a Taekwon Do instructor called Yu. We first had begin with taking off our shoes so that we don’t fall over. We learnt these moves so that we can use it for self defence, whenever were in trouble.

We began with learning how to punch,differently but with a little bit of force into punching.Our fingers were tighten up into a tight ball with our thumb closing it at the outside.After, she taught us that we moved onto walking forward and changing our hand movements while we punch. We then learnt how to kick. When, we kick we kick with our heel not with our toes, but with our heal going forward into kicking.

At the end we all finished off by playing a game of tag. Whenever you get tagged you have to stand like a banana with our hands pointing up to the sky and wait for someone to put your hands down called the banana split. In between the lessons Yu talked about the history  of Taekwon Do. It was fascinating learning about it, actually Taekwon Do is best known for their fast,strong kicks.We really enjoyed our first lesson with Instructor Yu.  

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