Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Alan Duff's Visit

Today at Room 10 the Students had a surprise visit from Alan Duff. Alan Duff is an Author and the person who discovered that little kids don’t have any books at home to read. Well that changed 20 years ago with a lot of donations. Alan Duff donated many and a lot of books, but not only him his team to. Right now he is writing a book and translating it into french so either way he’ll be spending a lot of time at France. It was nice meeting the man Alan Duff for real life. While he was here he sponsored some books to give 4 children, maybe because they kept asking questions.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Explanation getting to school

How to get to School from my house every morning?

Every morning I got to School by feet, but sometimes I get a ride from my Mum or Dad when it’s bad weather. Walking to School probably takes 5-7 minutes if longer then I might be talking with my friends. I leave home at about 8:20 and I’ll get to school at 8:30.

First you walk at the driveway. Turn right and walk down the street until you see the STOP sign and then turn right again. When you've turned right you’ll see a house with a lot of plants and flowers planted outside their house. Walk a few steps down the street and you’ll be at the main road. You’ll have to cross the road and then walk up the road.

Continue walking up the road until you get to the very top of the pathway. Take a look outside and you’ll see maybe Mrs Cooper or maybe Lina at the crossing. When you see the crossing that’s when you know you're nearly at school. Walk down the street and just cross the zebra and then turn left and walk into the school gate.

Helmets Saves Lives

Analysis: What are some of the problems of encouraging children to wear cycling helmets? Upload your answer to your individual blog after conferencing with the teacher.(Task 1)

The problem might be the children refusing to wear it because it's ugly.

Evaluation: Whose responsibility do you think it should be to ensure that an eight year old child wears a cycling helmet every time he or she gets on the bike?  Explain your answer. Upload your explanation to your individual blog after conferencing with the teacher. (Task 3)
The responsibility for an 8 year old going onto a bike would be her or he’s parents otherwise it’s there elder siblings.

Socially Responsible Person (Explanation)

A socially responsible person would define honesty,helpful and a positive person. If were chosen as the community leader I wouldn't take it for granted. If the community is in trouble like for example they need some clothes for their little ones I would donate some clothing for them. A good community leader wouldn't lie and if they did some mistakes to do with the community I would own up and apologize.

A Socially responsible person would do a big fundraiser just to help out the community earn some big money if they had some trouble paying stuff. The first step for me to be a responsible person  would be getting out there enjoying time with the community. Second can be taking care of others and making sure the community is doing positive. The last step for being a Socially responsible person would be treating them the way you want to be treated.

Water Fun Day

“Wow GLenbrae School is having a Water Fun Day” Water Fun day is something GLenbrae School does every year. The students at Glenbrae competes in there house colours are Rata,Kowhai,Kauri and Nikau. We have to wear our house colours clothes so that we can get points even before the activities even started. We started in our classes and that was alright. Water Fun Day is an whole morning block of squirting water everywhere. Once the whistle blew it’s time to begin.

First activity for us was a obstacle race you’d have to get a cup of water from the bucket, then climb under a chair and then sprint to the bin and tip it in. (whistle blows) Children from Kauri screaming out “GO COME ON SPRINT” it was like being at a rugby game with Sonny Bill William in the crowd/ I ran to the bucket and crouched down on the grass and maybe tipped some water when I was running to the bin, I took a little peak in the other bins and my colour Kauri was in the lead. We all had a few turns and then the whistle blew.

Water fun day was fun and cheerful. It was cool at the end because the teacher who organised it got a bucket of water tipped on her clothes. Afterwards she went to her class and was shivering cold. It was an exciting activity to start of 2014 at school.