Sunday, 14 September 2014

Thank you letter

This is a copy of my thank you letter that I wrote to Mrs Dagmar because she took us some time to talk to us about Careers.

Room 10
Auckland 1072

10 September 2014

Mrs Dagmar
Auckland 1072

Dear Mrs Dagmar

I want to thank you for coming to Glenbrae School and sharing your knowledge about art with us. Looking at your traditional pieces of artwork was amazing, I haven’t seen nothing beautiful than your tapa designs.

You have inspired us all to strive hard while were in Intermediate. I mostly enjoyed when you spoke about your background, and speaking about how you weren't that so good at speaking tongan. It was interesting when you spoke about how you first started at being a artist had to start from a low price at selling and the more you paint the more money you get from selling.
Also thank you for inspiring us to be a Art teacher and to do our best.

Yours sincerely


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