Monday, 2 April 2012

Farewell Forever

Tears filled my eyes and slowly trickled down my face and everything become a blur. When I felt her cold shivering face I felt so sad.We would never communicate with each other, that was devastating.

My family and I were visiting the classy Tonga.My Aunty there had a problem with her red heart.We went by an airplane on July the 11th.We just went to visit our family,and if aunty was super alright.When we came back from tonga to New Zealand she had passed away.I felt devastated with the tragic news and thought my heart was breaking.Aunty Mehi was as beautiful as a purple butterfly.She would always admire me and my brothers all the time.She had nice beutiful black hair.

It was a total struggle for my dad because he always sleeps in.My mum only stayed at Tonga for a week.When she got the heart attack she started to be skinny and her mum hated it.But after all my mum came back from Tonga and Aunty Mehi is rested in piece.

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