Monday, 29 October 2012

The Creepy Shed

One Frighting Night Billy got asked to go sleep in the Creepy Shed for colouring on the walls.The  Shed is filled of crawling black Beetles,red hot ants and also disgusting fly.Once Billy went to sleep he can hear the scratching noises coming from the roof.He already knew that it was the long nails Click Click Slide.When Billy went and opened the door it was locked.He got scratched marks on his face with blood running down his cold blooded face.When the bright yellow sun rises up Billy's Mum came to the shed and checked up on Billy.Mum calls the ambulance for help she's really frightened.When The ambulance arrives and the police cars they go to Mum and ask her some questions.A month later Mum was sent to prison for locking his son and letting her son trapped with a Monster.


  1. hey ana I like your it really interesting.
    keep it up.

  2. Hi ana
    That was a great and very scary parade of Click Click Slide even though I haven't watched the movie or read it I have a great picture in my head now

    P.S Keep those great post coming

  3. Hi Ana
    I really love the way you told us about the scratches on Billy's face and the blood rushing down it's face too.It felt like I hade the marks on my face too.
    Hope to see more of your horror stories.