Monday, 12 March 2012

Diary !!!!!!!!

The Leaves were twirling ans spinning like talented dancers as I walked along the grey,wet pathway......... 
When I arrived at school I heard noises in the hall,well that was a good start of my day NOT.I walked up at the step hill(going up) entering the class room and I say,'Good Morning Mrs George she gave me a great big smile when I said 'Good Morning to her'.So I went over to my desk and placed my bag under my desk. 

At about 9.10 am my class and I lined up for assembly.First we talked about the world champion Valerie representing New Zealand.Valerie got defeated from Nadzeya Astapchuk.So Nadzeya Astapchuk is now the world champion of the world.I hope you enjoyed my day. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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