Monday, 12 November 2012

My Family Funeral

LI:To write a detailed description.
SC:It must include powerful adjectives, similes and onomatopoeic.

On Friday It was time to Barry Tevita Kin Kinlau my Uncle at Manakau cemetery.It was a sad evening to attend to.The Priest prepared a nice speech for farewell.The dead face was as a cold s a stone cold freezer.My Dad was the first person to throw a flower to the coffin because he was the fahu.It was a silent moment except the lady's were singing a hearted song.Everybody grabs a flower and drops it in the coffin after the priest.After barring the body the family went and brought yummy food for the family for there lost.After they  gathered the food in the Kitchen they had a meeting together in a huge tent.When it was becoming night time we went home and cut this huge pig into pieces to share around the family.It was a sad day.

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