Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Basket ball Lessons

On Tuesday Morning My class had Basket Ball Lessons with Coach Bruce.When we Began we started off with ground rules, the first rule that he mentioned was "RESPECT ".Once he was finished talking we split in to teams of 5.We practised dribbling the ball and doing the figure 8 with the ball between our legs.I suddenly imagined what it might have felt like for the gymnasts in a show. My knees wobbled like jelly. My palms got sweaty which was very disgusting.What ever team would win, they would watch the others do 10 push ups.When Coach Bruce blew his whistle we zoomed with fast legs to the cone and sprinted back some of us was fast as a cheetah.When Coach Bruce blew the whistle the match was over.When he announced the winners team, our team wasn't fast enough to beat Daddy long legs team. It was a good opurtunity for some of us to get fit.

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