Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Water Fun Day

“Wow GLenbrae School is having a Water Fun Day” Water Fun day is something GLenbrae School does every year. The students at Glenbrae competes in there house colours are Rata,Kowhai,Kauri and Nikau. We have to wear our house colours clothes so that we can get points even before the activities even started. We started in our classes and that was alright. Water Fun Day is an whole morning block of squirting water everywhere. Once the whistle blew it’s time to begin.

First activity for us was a obstacle race you’d have to get a cup of water from the bucket, then climb under a chair and then sprint to the bin and tip it in. (whistle blows) Children from Kauri screaming out “GO COME ON SPRINT” it was like being at a rugby game with Sonny Bill William in the crowd/ I ran to the bucket and crouched down on the grass and maybe tipped some water when I was running to the bin, I took a little peak in the other bins and my colour Kauri was in the lead. We all had a few turns and then the whistle blew.

Water fun day was fun and cheerful. It was cool at the end because the teacher who organised it got a bucket of water tipped on her clothes. Afterwards she went to her class and was shivering cold. It was an exciting activity to start of 2014 at school.

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