Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Socially Responsible Person (Explanation)

A socially responsible person would define honesty,helpful and a positive person. If were chosen as the community leader I wouldn't take it for granted. If the community is in trouble like for example they need some clothes for their little ones I would donate some clothing for them. A good community leader wouldn't lie and if they did some mistakes to do with the community I would own up and apologize.

A Socially responsible person would do a big fundraiser just to help out the community earn some big money if they had some trouble paying stuff. The first step for me to be a responsible person  would be getting out there enjoying time with the community. Second can be taking care of others and making sure the community is doing positive. The last step for being a Socially responsible person would be treating them the way you want to be treated.


  1. Thanks for sharing Anamanu. I like the way you describe leadership as something not to take for granted, a real honour!
    How do you enjoy time in our community?

    1. Well my time being in the community was like when there were big carnivals or a market that's probably it but also it's fun seeing little kids enjoying there time in the community.