Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Explanation getting to school

How to get to School from my house every morning?

Every morning I got to School by feet, but sometimes I get a ride from my Mum or Dad when it’s bad weather. Walking to School probably takes 5-7 minutes if longer then I might be talking with my friends. I leave home at about 8:20 and I’ll get to school at 8:30.

First you walk at the driveway. Turn right and walk down the street until you see the STOP sign and then turn right again. When you've turned right you’ll see a house with a lot of plants and flowers planted outside their house. Walk a few steps down the street and you’ll be at the main road. You’ll have to cross the road and then walk up the road.

Continue walking up the road until you get to the very top of the pathway. Take a look outside and you’ll see maybe Mrs Cooper or maybe Lina at the crossing. When you see the crossing that’s when you know you're nearly at school. Walk down the street and just cross the zebra and then turn left and walk into the school gate.

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