Monday, 12 August 2013

Squash recount

Last week Room 10 were lucky enough to have a Sport called Squash. We had from Tuesday and Friday. We had to members from the Auckland Sport and they were named Tristan and Ricardo. We began with simple ball skill and passed it around the mini circle. Afterwards we got to challenge some classmates from our class. Our classmates tried to break the high score the was 42 but I know that I didn’t. Then we moved to the other circuit, challenging the expert Tristan and try to take her out of the rally. I obviously didn't beat her that’s for sure because I suck at Squash. So later on that week we did more challenges and basic skills and learnt a lot. It was an enthusiastic sport to play and had to move around the court a lot. It was very hot inside the school hall because of all the running that has been inside the hall.

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