Wednesday, 7 August 2013

✺My Reading Work

This is my reading work and I have finished all task from last week. Enjoy looking at my work.

1.What could the great Alfonso pull from his hat?
Birds,rabbits,carpet snakes and a Siamese cat
2.What did he do to the lady?
Alfonso sawed her into bits
3.What did Alfonso forget to say?
Comprehension Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   4.    What do you think is the main idea of the poem? Explain your answer.
It is about Bertie Garbor Magic tricks and about the lady that got sawed in bits         
   5.    What is the new trick the magician is training to do?
A goat trying to float
 6.    Does Alfonso use complicated tricks or words in his show any more?
          Explain your answer.
Not any more because of his failed tricks he did.
Application Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   7.   Do you think the information in this poem would be useful if you wished to become a
         magician? Explain your answer.   
No, because i think this poem is a made up stories and made up stories aren’t true.
   8.   What question would you ask Bertie?
     Why did you saw the lady in bits
Thinking beyond: Learn, Create, Share
Analysis:  Can you think of a possible problem with teaching a goat to float? Explain your answer.
I would tie a rope on the goat and lift the goat from a helicopter

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