Monday, 5 August 2013

Softball lesson

At the beginning of a new term we had a softball session with 3 expert coaches. Three Auckland softball sport ladies came to  .We began with a warm up game called “Traffic Lights”. Red light is stop, orange light you walk and the green light is when you try and sprint to the finish line, which is the end of the court. We were all getting ready until we heard purple and half of the students ran to the end of the court when It wasn't part of any of the colors. We slowly started until the lady shouted out “ GREEN ” and all girls and boys sprinted to the end of the court.

Afterwards we began with a challenge that we get a partner and try to not drop the ball while we're throwing it to each other and the most number of throws wins. My partner and I were hearing the numbers going higher and higher so we played hard to win the game. My Partner accidently dropped the ball and we had to go sit out. So that was what we did for our Softball session on Tuesday.

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