Monday, 5 August 2013

MY Holiday Recount

Wow! Last week Saturday My family and I rode off to Lollipop Play land. My Family and I were celebrating my 12th birthday and enjoying the time at Lollipop Play land. We were all filled with excitement and couldn't wait for the huge, bouncy slide. When we got there we jumped out the vehicle and walked to the entrance.

We all looked everywhere to see what obstacles that were provided. I zoomed to the bouncy slide and quickly ran to the frog piano. The piano was making frog noises when you step on them. There was a corner that had animal costumes. I was dressed as a Lion and doing a pose in front of the camera. We really enjoyed playing on the different and playful things that were there. Afterwards we were puffing out air and began to be exhausted.

Lollipop playland was a great place where to spend my birthday. I had a lot of fun there sliding down the cool slide. I wish to go there another time and have a lot of fun and sweat in my clothes.

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