Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Our sad last session of Basketball

What a windy start to the ending of our basketball lessons for the year. We were back with out old coach Steph. To start off our basketball lesson we did some warm up sprints and then started off with a short simple game. We were divided into 2 groups and had to line up behind the green cone, once coach Steph threw the bell she shouted out a number at the same time and that is the amount of people that plays, then shoot.

The hard bit of the game was shooting for me personally pressures the main problem it’s like everyone's counting on you to get a hoop but what if you don’t and you’ll be just the person that can’t shoot, so then that’s why i’m so far away of shooting but at the same time practice makes perfect. It was down to the last game and all 5 front players zoomed in to the ball and tried to shoot without the other team defending real good. But sadly the other team lost to non bibs and it was time to play real basketball.

5 people at a time to verse the others at playing it. I'd rather be the defender defending our goal shooter or defending the opponents g.s. The last game was pretty intense because all good players were in it and it was really hard to tell who was gonna win. But at the end I had no clue who won to be honest but I know that it was a good game, there were nice defending and the goal shooter was on fire like bolt. Out of all of this experience I mostly enjoyed learning the new tricks and learning new skills of dribbling.

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  1. I like that you think basketball was fun, regardless of winning or losing. It is true that often just being a part of it is the most important thing. Being part of a team is a great feeling. You all played together really well!
    Mrs Parker.