Wednesday, 12 March 2014


In Basketball we started off with doing some relays back and forth with some action in it, like 5 star jumps and 2 push ups it was a lot harder than I thought. We got into 2 partners and each had a turn racing to the circle in the middle of the court and back. 3rd round was getting very hard and so I began to give up and took a rest with my peers that were tired. There was one tiring action that we all had to do and that was spinning 3xs, it sure did get me dizzy.

Next activity we did was different kind of passes. We began with a chest pass, throwing the ball with a shape of your hand holding the ball as a W, and then throwing it. Once we've done some throws there was a challenge, the first partners to win up to 20 wins the whole game and then sit down as fast as you can before your other peers get the chance to sit down. When I looked around I saw everybody beginning to sit down I shouted to my partner “Hurry up we’re losing”. Soon after we did a lot of passes and it was time to learn a trick but Coach Steph said “ Room 10 is not learning a trick because of the lack of laziness. The trick was to spin a ball pinning with different tricks.

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