Thursday, 5 September 2013

Persuasive Writing on Charity Fundraise

Have you considered yourself trapped in the hospital with cancer? Just to begin with there are adults and children that are suffering because of cancer. However, not all cancer diseases are contagious so that’s quite good news. Leukemia is the type of cancer that is in your bone and blood. For example, Leukemia would come to you body randomly so it’s not contagious. There are over 200 types of cancer that are in the world, In fact, there is over 12,000,000 people that are diagnosed with cancer each year. I believe that participating into doing charity work is helping the cancered patients.

Keeping Clean

We should keep clean just to be careful from diseases and always make sure we stick to the 20 second hand wash. It is actually saving your life to be washing your hands and also using hand sanitizer. Keep clean and stick to the 20 second hand wash.

Fear of Death

First of all, many kids are aware of dying in early age because of cancer. All around the world 108 life’s are gone and vanished to the graveyard in every 60 seconds. And I found this information from the internet, so It could be true or false.

╚> Donate and Fundraise
We should encourage people to do some fundraising and also do a lot of donating. Many kids and adults out there suffering just because of cancer. In fact it would be so generous if you could donate or even fundraise a bit money for cancered kids and adults.


I think keeping clean and donating treasure’s of our own would be a huge difference to our life. I believe that people around the world should take a stand and encourage non-cancered people to donate things to the sick and unwell kids and adults. Not helping is just too mean so I would just suggest to you all to help the cancered  people. Sometimes we will need to donate something for people who can’t really get. Which I would want to tell the world about.Thank you for listening. :)

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