Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My trip to Clip'n Climb

Have you been to Clip'n climb? Clip'n climb is a place where you can do extreme rock climbing.There is a green rock climbing that looks similar to stairs that goes 20 feet high I think.Clip'n climb is in Domoin road close to potters park.My Family and I got free tickets to enter the extreme rock climbing.

I picked the green wobbly stairs first because it looked easy to me,but when I got the second to last I started paniking.I couldn't make a choice my first one was to: jump down or carry on.I carried on because I wanted my mum to take a photo of me winning the trophy of the highst in the whole world I wish.So I steped on the last step and I won the trophy.

When it came to the end I went to this blue rock climbing I think it was named Ice Moutain.And next to it was a green one that actually looks like the same to Ice Moutain.My Brother went on the green one he asked me if I wanted a race with him climbing to the top.I gave him a head start because I thought he would lose but when he came first place.That's what I did in the Holidays.I hope you enjoyed my Recount.

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